Section GG — Your top 10 questions answered

October 1st, today - Encore Rehabilitation's Renee Kinder MS CCC-SLP RAC-CT is here to answer your top 10 questions on MDS Section GG
Car transfers, usual performance, and 12 stairs? Oh my …
Don’t fret, while October 1 is just around the corner, and while there are new items sets and areas being added to MDS Section GG, we are here to provide answers to your top 10 questions.
1. What are the new areas being added to the Self-Care item set?

  • GG0130E. Shower/bathe self: The ability to bathe self, including washing, rinsing, and drying self (excludes washing of back and hair). Does not include transferring in/out of tub/shower.
  • GG0130F. Upper body dressing: The ability to dress and undress above the waist; including fasteners, if applicable.
  • GG0130G. Lower body dressing: The ability to dress and undress below the waist, including fasteners; does not include footwear.
  • GG0130H. Putting on/taking off footwear: The ability to put on and take off socks and shoes or other footwear that is appropriate for safe mobility; including fasteners, if applicable

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